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Program & Education Specialist

Alzheimer’s Association
California Southland Chapter
9606 S. Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 200
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  1. 24/7 Helpline for information, referrals & emotional support. Talk with a caring professional about your questions and concerns anytime, day or night, with help available in over 170 languages at 800.272.3900.
  2. Education programs for people with memory concerns, family caregivers, friends, the public, and professionals. Topics include: brain heath, communication strategies, responding to behaviors, legal & financial planning, and more.
  3. Support Groups for families dealing with Alzheimer’s and related disorders. Connect with others, share information and learn skills to solve problems. Care Consultation with our clinical staff for assessment & planning around issues such as safety, future care, and management of challenging situations.
  4. Online Tools accessible through our award-winning website alz.org, which offers reliable information and resources on a wide range of dementia and care topics.
  5. Information and fact sheets translated in several languages, including: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
  6. MedicAlert + Safe Return®: a national registry and identification bracelet for persons with memory loss and their families.
  7. TrialMatch®: a free matching service that connects individuals with Alzheimer’s, caregivers, and healthy volunteers to current clinical studies.

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